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We've produced applications and backend infrastructure used by millions of users. We have worked with clients from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, universities, and non-profits. This is our purpose, and here's what we can do for you.


AI and Machine Learning

Infrastructure that learns from your business data to identify patterns/trends/correlations, generate insights and predict future trends. Applications and Bots with Natural language interface, like Alexa or Siri.

Natural Language User Interface
Machine Learning Data Pipeline


Analytics and Data Science

End to end data infrastructure including real-time event ingestion @ scale,enterprise data warehousing, data mining, data visualization, integration modules to myriad of big data/SaaS applications and BI application.


Applications Development

Mobile applications. Messaging based applications. Web applications. SaaS applications, Chatbots and Alexa Skills.

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Product Management

Remote or on-site engagement. Time based or milestones based. Expertise building market leading products.

Transform ideas into product definition and technical specification. Translate vision to product strategy, roadmap and individual milestones. Definition and optimization of User acquisition, Growth, Engagement/Retention and Monetization metrics/KPIs. Day to day inbound product management including backlog management, requirement specification, sprint planning etc. Go to Market planning.


Product Execution

Product development & delivery with built-in product management services. Requirements to Product delivery. Prior estimate and schedule adherence.

Translate high level requirements into product architecture, UI wireframes/design and trackable delivery milestones. Agile project management with daily update with sprint based demo/delivery. Immediate access to industry proven Product managers, backend, web frontend, full stack and mobile developers, data scientists and UI/UX specialists.

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